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Branded App & Website

Customers download your app and visit your website.

Customers download your app

Build your following on a platform you own. Your app will be on the iOS App Store and Google Play for Android.

SEO optimized website

Have search engines send people to your own website instead of directory services.

Customize your branding

Make your website look like your website by customizing colors, branding, and content.

Online ordering
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Online Ordering

Sell more products with seamless online ordering.

Sell more products with online ordering

On average customers spend 20% more when online ordering is available.

Notifications every step of the way

Both your staff and customers receive push notifications as orders get processed.

Order ahead

Chat makes it fast and easy for customers to order ahead without having to wait in line.


Customer Chat

Support customers through casual and convenient in-app chat.

Chat with customers in-app

Answer questions about products, usage, and store info. Manage multiple chats at once and spend less time 1-on-1 in person.

Answer questions in real-time

Customers expect fast response times. Provide this via chat without putting yourself out--it’s just like sending a text.

Order ahead

Chat makes it fast and easy for customers to order ahead without having to wait in line.

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Lifted receive
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SMS & Push Notifications

Reach out anytime to offer customers deals and specials.

Send targeted messages

Craft and send personalized messages to customers based on everything from interests to geography.

Gain valuable insights

See who looked at your message all the way up to who made a purchased or redeemed a deal.

Works great with online ordering

Seamless integration with online ordering means there's zero friction for your customers.

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Rich Analytics

Understand your customers and business better.

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Loyalty, Points, & Rewards

Show customers you value their patronage

Give customers a good reason to come back again by offering rewards. We've made the process super easy and customers love them.

In-store checkin kiosk

Customers sign up and start earning points by simply entering their phone number on a tablet in your store.

Customizeable rewards

You choose which rewards to offer customers and at what point levels.

Get more visits

Over 60% of customers visit stores more often because of loyalty programs.

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Create contests for customers to enter into and earn points.

Educational Video

Advertise products in the best light

Show off your best products in the most engaging way possible by creating and posting video highlights.

Educate customers online

Customers can learn all about your products before walking in the door. This saves your budtenders time by making the in-store purchase experience much faster.

Increases Sales

Research shows 73% of all consumers are more likely to make a purchase after watching videos explaining a product or service.

Customers prefer video

Research also shows before reading any text, 60% of site visitors will watch a video if available.

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Community & Events

Build a loyal following with community and event feeds.

Your customers are a community of cannabis fans who want to share photos, videos, and experiences with one another. Give them a fun place to do that.

Customer loyalty

Customers earn points when they create content in your app, participate in the community and share stuff with friends.

More content, no additional staff

Your best members become your biggest promoters by creating great content for the rest of the community to enjoy, simply because they love your brand.

Retain customers, acquire new ones

We give your members tools to share posts out and refer their friends back in so you aren't dependent on third-parties or middlemen to drive new customers.

Common Questions

What does a subscription get me?

Your own independent online home to send customers to. Your branded app and website would include all of the features listed above, and more. Additionally you'll be listed in the Lifted directory so our community will discover your business.

How long does it take to make my app?

Once we've collected your details like branding and the features you want to use, your app will be built and ready to submit to Apple and Google's app stores within 48 hours.

How customizable will my app be?

Your app's look and feel is completely customizable. You can change the colors, fonts, add your own branding, and customize the design so it's completely unique. If there's a feature you want that Lifted doesn't have, we're happy to discuss building it for you.

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